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An open sourced Apple Music web client


Frustrated by the lack of access to the greatest bangers in our ever-growing music libraries (when away from our laptops and bound to the confines of work computers) we decided to create the single greatest web-based music client for Apple Music. Apple doesn't provide one officially which greatly helped to be honest with you...

What it does

Plays music. Without hassle. In a web browser. With your Apple ID. Revolutionary.

Musi.sh allows a user to authenticate using their Apple ID (while subscribed to Apple Music), and browse their Music library on the go. We plan to add music discovery, clean the UI up even more, and throw some glitter all over it before long! [star emoji, you guys don't support 'em yet]

All data (including user library, discovery content, album artwork, and the music itself) is retrieved through public APIs provided by Apple.

How we built it

In around about eight hours. Built with React; also a bit of SASS, HTML, JS, and a couple boxes of chicken.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints were the biggest hindrance, closely followed by the lack of publicly available documentation (from Apple) and assets (icons!). Having access to a library of assets (mostly just icons, fonts, etc) could have helped polish our interface and stopped us wasting close to an hour on attempting to source them externally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our product, we enjoy using our webapp and that's a great accomplishment in itself. We also managed to place in first in the San Francisco location (hosted at Make School) which was pretty rad...ish.

What we learned

We've all learnt a fair share of the Apple Music API, improved our React skills as well as overall web development. We've dealt with handling Authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) (specifically for Apple Music), and we have also improved upon our general time management for tasks needing to be completed at a very quick pace and our teamwork (delegating tasks between us all while utilising each persons' strengths to their best).

What's next for Apple Musi.sh

An even greater open source product built by the community for the community! [rocket emoji]

(And hopefully not a lawsuit [grimacing face emoji]).

Disclaimer: The entire team and product remain entirely unaffiliated with Apple... for now.

Demo (MLH local hack day)

We can provide a live demo if needed, if you have your own Apple Music account please feel free to check out https://musi.sh/

NOTE: for best experience please demo this on Safari running on macOS. We have issues rendering icons, fonts, and occasionally with DRM protection on Chrome. We are working to resolve these ASAP.

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