In a world with a rapidly changing environment and increasing levels of carbon and other particulate matter, air pollution has become a daunting problem in the world. Especially in developing countries (i.e. Brazil, India, China), air pollution poses an enormous threat to people's health. In order to tackle this problem, we have a developed a portable particulate matter detector to sense levels of air pollution and warn people when levels of particulate matter are too high to risk going outside. Depending on the level, individuals can choose whether to wear a mask or stay indoors or otherwise avoid exposure to the dangerous pollution. Built to be entirely portable and battery powered, our design aims to reduce the need for smartphones or other such equipment so that the device can be utilized in the majority of the world.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many difficulties throughout the design and test process. We were unable to 3D print as we had hoped, and had to laser cut our enclosure instead. We couldn't use to the particle photon due to difficulties with importing libraries, so this is something we hope to achieve later on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to CAD! We learned a lot of new software in a rapid fashion to finish this project. We also learned a lot about IOT devices, and how they are all connected. We hope to use this information and possibly develop this further.

What's next for APPLE (Awesome Pollution/Particle Locating Equipment)

We would like for the wifi-module to be integrated within the system in order to send the data that the device records to an external Google Documents (or ideally another Database). This could allow each user of the device to become a server and allow for the collection of vast and specific data and information unlike currently recorded data.

Built With

  • arduino
  • particulate-matter-sensor
  • lcd
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