Appilepsy is a mobile app that detects if you are having a convulsive epileptic seizure through an intelligent algorithm which analyses accelerometer data. Following the detection of a seizure, the app runs a countdown for an adjustable amount of time in which the alarm can be deactivated, in case of a false positive. If the alarm is not deactivated, the app automatically sends your emergency contacts both a text message and a computer-generated voice message utilizing the Nexmo API. The text message contains a link to our web app, which is a responsive site that works on any screen-size. This site displays the location of the phone at the time of the seizure on a map generated by esri's arcGIS API, as well as a link to citymapper for directions to that location. While the app sends these messages, it provides real-time updates of whether the emergency contacts have seen the message/received the call. It also provides a map to the nearest medical facilities and instructions for people aiding the person seizing.

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