A will to develop Change Request Management System in Appian itself so that we don't have to buy explicit services to carry out these tasks

What it does

1) This Change Request Management solution is similar to any other change request management  services with the added advantage of Appian Out of the box
functionalities and reporting capabilities. 2) This solution lets us create , plan ,schedule , implement and track the changes for any change request. 3) It follows the life cycle of a change request ticket: Create -> Assess -> Plan -> Authorise -> Schedule -> Implement -> Review ->Close 4) Appian records bring in its functionality for displaying the change request details in an organised and explicit manner with the help of lists and views. 5) Dashboard for admin teams for seeing the details of change requests ,their stages and schedule. 6) Appian charts and reports has been utilised for displaying the trends of change requests over time and pending change requests based on time elapsed.

Built With

  • appian
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