All the amazing third party ticketing systems but the trouble of moving in and out of Appian screen to manage the sprints.

How often have we really wished that while working on the projects we could start and end our work in Appian only. And this thought brought us to the creation of Appian Scrum Board which we dearly call 'Scooby'.

What it does

This is a one stop application to Manage Sprints, Maintain Backlog, Configure Lanes, Control User Permission. It is highly useful for any and every enterprise.

It also comes with several perks -

  1. Visibility, Analysis, Trends and the flexibility of continuous advancement of the application with each Appian upgrade. (Like they say - Sky is the limit!)
  2. Saves $$ and time. No need to depend on third party systems - Appian does it all :)

How we built it

We tried modernizing the sprint monitoring process using Appian 19.4 with all possible recent functionalities, short time but a great team.

Challenges we ran into

Time. Time. Time..!! We started late.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a chance to explore and make use of low code features to build better in a thin time frame.

What we learned

Importance of Planning. Team work. Fun at work! A 2-day turn around :)

What's next for Appian Scrum Board

  • Handling Multiple sprints simultaneously
  • More elaborate and timeline specific reports
  • Handling Multiple boards together
  • Linking Appian objects to the ticket
  • Future in DevOps - Controlling deployments from SCOOBY

Built With

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