This is the real magic sauce which binds Amazon Lex with Appian - Giving power of creating chat bots on top of Appian data, directly in the hands of your business users, weather it could be getting your tasks with deadline as today, fetching invoice details - in an easily configurable steps in a user-friendly way.

What it does

Even today businesses have to depend on people with technical expertise to create these bots for them even now. Why not have something which gives the power of creating these bots in the hands of a business users who can create smart chat bots with decision making capabilities on business data within Appian without requiring any knowledge of coding. Appian Chatbot platform gives the power of creating smart chatbots that can make decisions on your data using Smart actions. Users can create these smart actions in the form of visual workflows and give there bots logical thinking capabilities. This allows business users to make bots which can do things like talking with customers on different channels for example a facebook page, slack or a website and try to provide solution to the users by asking them relevant questions or log a case for them on behalf of customer service executive.

Some of the bots you can build with our application: (1) Create Finance Department bot that helps finance team to fetch the invoices details during any date range. (2) Create a knowledge base bot that integrates with our knowledge base platform and provide solutions to users by providing them relevant answers of questions they ask (3) A bot that helps a customer service executive to find cases logged for him today and help him schedule appointment with customer for those cases (4) Create Human Resource Recruiter bot that helps HR team to shortlist candidates by analyzing there knowledge (5) Loan request bot within Appian which allows a bank user to get details of loan requests and approve them without having a need to check them manually. and many more....

How we built it

Chatbots are built on Appian platform with a simple click and configure functionality using Amazon Lex model building and runtime API. All the business data operations are defined in chatbots smart actions and are pushed to Amazon S3 as a JSON string.

In the lambda function mapped to the chatbot, we have written the interpreter to execute the JSON of smart action. The lambda has to interpret the JSON and make a web service call to Appian whenever required (example in reading and write operations). Lambda chatbot smart action is smart enough to perform basic tasks such as validation and decision making itself without requiring to call Appian services. Therefore, improving the chatbot response time.

Challenges we ran into

Building the chatbot smart actions interpreter on Amazon Lambda was challenging with unforeseen issues. Consequently we had to change our design approach a bit to address these issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How we will be connecting Amazon Lambda with Appian. We are proud that we are able to achieve what we thought of.

What we learned

Two way integrations between Appian Integration and Amazon services including Lex, Lambda

What's next for Appian Chatbot Platform

Fine Tuning and make this production ready.

Built With

  • amazon-lambda
  • amazon-lex
  • appian
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