As we were looking into Smart Buildings and people's need, we came to the realization that most Smart Buildings projects are focused in big buildings, such as offices, but not everyone owns one. Therefore, we decided to focus in the most common type of buildings owned by people- houses. Most people spend their lives working to get a nice house where they can relax after getting out of work and during weekends. A house is an essenttial part of a family because it represents them and is a part of them, however, when it comes to maintanance, not everyone is capable of doing a good job with the repairs or simply they don't have the time.

How we built it

What it does

The purpose of äppi is to create a network where everyone can easily access for help when something in their houses needs to be fixed.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for appi

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