Discover great food nearby

Tell the story behind the code.

We are simply obsessed with food. Everyone is. And everyone loves finding new restaurants, discovering unknown dishes, and sharing food experiences. But there is no good way to combine all those features and to enable people to view non-altered and non-filtered pictures of real food in nearby restaurants.

What inspired you?

We got inspired by Tinder. We like Tinder -- particularly the ease with which it lets us browse through and filter large amounts of data. We however find food to be less obligating than meeting new people!

Who is your target user?

  • People who love food.
  • People who are hungry, but don't know for what.
  • People who want to discover unknown dishes at nearby restaurants.
  • People who want to share pictures of their experiences when eating out.

What key features are you most proud of?

  • Simplicity and elegance.
  • Algorithm that improves its recommendations with every impression and every like.
  • Location awareness powered by the esri API.
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