Explore, discover and search for apps that match your unique lifestyle. Appcurl.com is the top mobile app search engine in the web and now available for android. Appcurl combines its innovative social app discovery service with its powerful app search engine to deliver the most comprehensive app discovery and app search solution. Now you can explore apps used by facebook friends*, search apps by keyword(s), browse apps grouped by a rich set of tags, categories and sub-categories and more. Appcurl supports multiple app stores and both android & apple iOS platforms with one centralized web control, to help you seamlessly migrate/upgrade to different devices or platforms in the future. Appcurl does not promote or recommend any apps. We provide the tools for you to discover the most relevant app. We believe you are unique and you know better of your needs and preferences than anyone else. We do not want to sell you what you should download. We want to build tools that help you discover the apps that is more relevant to you and your lifestyle.

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