What it does

AppCrate provides automated version deployment for your web projects. With AppCrate, you can see live changes for your latest commits in seconds, and get permalinks to live versions of each commit so you can compare and track progress over time.

We allow you to keep the last few versions of your site up and accessible so you can compare your work at different stages in the development process. Did you prefer the site navbar two weeks ago? With AppCrate, you can send a working version of the site over to the team to show them exactly what you mean.

As soon as you make a commit, we spin up a new instance containing your site and point your chosen subdomain at it. Want to see an older version? Not a problem: head over to the panel and you'll find links to the last few commits you made.

With our team plans, deploy unlimited projects and grant all your developers access to AppCrate. Worried about leaking your upcoming projects? We've got you covered: with AppCrate, you can limit access to specific IP addresses or ranges on a per-project basis.

And don’t worry: all our AppCrate instances are managed solutions. If something goes wrong, we're here to help get you back on the right track.


Running BattleCrate, we were already familiar with using Linux containers to deploy game server instances. When we saw the Codegeist challenge, we realised that the same technology could be applied to getting live versions of people’s Git projects up and deployed in seconds: thus, AppCrate was born.

Technology stack:

The site runs on a bespoke PHP backend, with Linux Containers used to spin up and host new web servers rapidly.

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