Have you ever searched for food online and see something delicious that you would like to eat right now?

How it works

Foodgasm is a mobile app that entices user's appeal to food and also helps promote business for local restaurants in the area that have food that is trending on social media. With Foodgasm if you can SEE it you can EAT it!

We think that this app would be great for businesses because it will direct traffic from social media directly to locations in the area allowing them to have potential business that would not have been made possible without the power of social media images that are online.

Challenges I ran into

In the future Foodgasm plans on building a "checkout" feature that would automatically allow you to purchase the food for delivery and pickup. Due to the short amount of time that we had to build the app we have supplemented an alternate option that will take the user to the restaurants website that they can then purchase the food from.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using the the reddit API, we grabbed the title of the dish desired directly from the reddit post ( and then used Yelp's API to try and find a restaurant within a 5 mile vicinity of the user's location that would allow the user to purchase the food. For example, if you are viewing sushi dishes online you would be able to click the "checkout" button and the results will come back with a list of restaurants in the area that are within 5 miles of you location, are open and have delivery/pickup options for you to order the food that you would like.

What I learned

I learned more about Android development, Java, rendering API's from YELP and Reddit as well as how to create an icon for an android device

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