CitiSense, "the sense of the City" an alert app for crime report and medical emergency assistance with voice recognition with the word "Auxilio"

What it does

City sense is a voice recognition Androip app which generates a call to 066/911 after saying the word "Auxilio". Also helps in cases you can't reach your device, you are to nervous to dial your phone or have medical emergency, it engages public wide adoption and viral downloads using current trending apps like SnapChat video and photo feature, so people can share evidence as photos or videos and share to authorities.

It is SOCIAL and GAMIFIED you gain points each time you report or help with evidences of crime inviting go viral and have large number of downloads. It integrates machine learning feature to have this app updated with current app trends and UX design best practices!

How I built it

We used the Asterik server to make SIP communication calls, we made the Minimum Valuable Product app in Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

SIP communication + voice recognition when you cannot reach your device i.e. if you have your hands tied.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Voice recognition & call silence call trigger. ux design

What I learned

Sip communicaitons, protocol, voice recognition testing, Model view controller programming Rapid prototyping and ux design How to make elevator pithch & rocket pitching design thinking

What's next for CitiSense

Add video evidences Machine learning algorithm for most used feature, and user usage, new added value and interaction from people on principal main offices Gamification to create virtual communities.

Built With

  • asterik
  • bluemix
  • voice-recognition
  • voip
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