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Glaucoma is the second largest cause of blindness.

Today there are over 75 million Glaucoma patients in the world and this number is increasing with the world’s aging population.

However Glaucoma is a manageable condition and does not need to result in blindness in many cases.

What it does

Through combining Health Informatics, Patient Evidence and the power of IBM Watson. AppADay can enable a better quality of life and better outcomes for patients.

The power of machine learning combined with each user’s individual data including data collect from wearables and IoT sensors unlocks the opportunity for a personalised response for each patient.

How we built it

Using data points such sleep time, focus hours, electronic device usage, eye analysis, pupil behaviour and other environment factors.

The machine learning technology determines what changes in behaviour will help the patient to manage their condition better.

The user feedback to the platform allows the system to adapt to discomfort thresholds for each individual patient while recommending suggestions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for AppADay

As well as the benefits for patients AppADay is generating a corpus of Health Informatics that will have immense value for organisations working on treating this condition.

And the community of 70 million patients will soon have real time collaborative access to medical expertise via Cisco Spark.

The shortly we will be working on a natural language conversational user interface which will leverage the domain knowledge in IBM Watson.

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