Many of the biggest discovery in human history were made by chance. So spinning the wheel to find new friends could be more effective that we expect.

What it does

Let's say you have a couple hours to relax and hangout with someone but none of your friends is up to, so you post your request for an activity or a place to hang out and people near you will be able to see your message in a bottle. They could decide to join you swiping right based on the activity/event you proposed and on you. After you meet and spent some time together your "host" will rate your company.

How we built it

An iOS App talking to a Ruby on Rails backend via a REST-API.

Challenges we ran into

Defining the concept. Time. Client/Service API integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Create something cool from a team of strangers

What we learned

It's FUN! Teamwork!. Go get the food before it runs out!

What's next for App2

Fine tuning the product concept. Validating ideas with real users.

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