I don't quite like using excel, so I wanted to create this as a fun project in under a week.

What it does

Has a compilation of links and jobs available to help your job search; it has a dynamic table grid that will save all of your search data.

How I built it

Just dove into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript documentation to learn how to code a website. I looked up open-source projects that would allow free usage under the MIT license, so I found EditableGrid. To store the data, I used Firebase instead of creating my own backend service.

Challenges I ran into

Reading difficult documentation as the open source project EditableGrid has been abandoned; the owners of the project stated that they had no more time to update it. Had to really understand the demo programs that the open source project provided, and built off of them for my own purposes.


The documentation was a bit better for Firebase, however, the problem was with a logical error when I was creating my read and update algorithms for saving user data. During the debugging process, I figured that the strange duplicating problem was due to a single function call using the Firebase API. The root of this problem was that I didn't quite notice the differences between the two similar function calls (.set() and .update()).


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my very first website. I've always programmed in object-oriented languages like C++ and Java or lower-level languages like C and x86 Assembly.

What I learned

I managed to learn a lot about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript throughout 4-5 days. Learning how to integrate an open-source project and a backend as a service was pretty cool.

What's next for App Tracker & Archiver

Probably create an algorithm in one of the JavaScript files to quickly scrape and store job listings on the existing page instead of manually adding them (which is time-consuming and inefficient). A remodel of the website would be nice since the UI could use a lot more work. The single delete function needs to sync with Firebase.

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