We are all concerned about this pandemic that is experienced worldwide, and we want to provide our help in an effective way, my idea wants to provide people and small and medium-sized stores with a way to have their own application where they can offer their products to your customers and send them remotely

What it does

The application will be adapted to each store, so that she can create her own product catalog, and offer them to customers in her area or city, without having to go directly to buy, thus avoiding contact and contagion by COVID- 19

How I built it

It will be built under the Flutter framework, in this way, it can be used on Android and IOS devices natively, with rapid development, so that it can be quickly adapted between one store and another, basically it will be an "app" that adapts to each store, and each store may have its own app, free of charge, so that more stores can offer this service to their customers and they do not have to go shopping directly

Challenges I ran into

  • Method to offer small and medium-sized stores, it could be solved through a web page, where the application would be requested and a dedicated team, would make certain modifications (logo, titles, account information and others).

  • Creation of products from the app, which could be solved by having an administrator access and a client access, and from the administrator side fill out the catalog, which will be displayed on the client side.

  • Financing to upload the app from each store to Google play (Android), and the App Store (ios), which could be solved, having an agreement with Google and Apple, to offer a type of cost reduction, and search other local and virtual means of financing so that each store can have its app

What I learned

  • Flutter
  • Java
  • Python
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Firebase

And with your help, we will be a great team that will supply all the needs to help the world!

What's next for App to AVOID INFECTION of COVID-19, when buy FOOD and PANTRY

Application to order food and pantry from home, for small and medium stores, free! My idea is simple but forceful, the development of an application, which can be adapted to local businesses, so that people can order their food and supplies from home, without having to leave, It would be offering this application for free to small and medium-sized stores, so that, in this way, they can sell their products to the homes of customers who buy from them, without customers having to go to the place It would have the following characteristics of the application: - Product catalog in the app - Selection of products from the customer in cart - Messenger to chat with the application administrator - Payment of the product by credit card or cash on delivery - Geolocation to know where your product is - Photo before dispatching the product and photo at the end, to verify that everything was correct - Protection measure: it must be protected by a bag, and the messenger must necessarily wear face masks - Additional cost for shipping and courier security service In this way we make sure that the product is safe, and that the courier is also protected, in addition, stores by having this application, can send their products to customers' homes, without them having to go THUS DECREASING SOCIAL CONTACT, AND DECREASING CONTACT BY COVID-19 I have part of the project advanced in an application for Flutter, which will run natively on Android and iOS, if you would like to participate in the project with your skills, WELCOME !!!

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