Due to COVID-19 many people are put in isolation and some find themselves without a social network to help them with daily tasks. Young students, elderly couples and many others lack someone to ask for temporary help. Especially since the reasons for isolation are rather usual symptoms such as headaches, runny nose or if you’re in a risk group according to WHO. Numerous social media platforms, organisations and hallway notice boards are filled with people who want to help as well as people asking for help. These are great tools for people to find each other, but they aren’t purposely built for this reason so it can become cumbersome to use compared to something built solely for the purpose.

“When the isolations started I realised that my 97 year old grandmother who normally takes care of herself had to be dependent on other people and nobody in the family lives in the same city which made the situation problematic. This is a reality in many places around the world and especially in Sweden which has one of the highest numbers of single households in the world. We hope that with this app we can make it easier for those in need to connect with someone that can help.” - Gustav Larsson, Co-founder

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