-- I appologize for my accent, and I hope it won't alter the awesomeness of my app --

The App Studio is the first WYSIWYG iPad App that allows you to create, edit, compile and share a full mobile application without any computer.

Stop wasting your time by doing only static mockups, prototype your app quickly, and test it right away on your device. Once you are done, export your app to Titanium JS files and add your own code!

You don't need advanced features? Great! Just use the Cloud Compile feature to generate a full app, and send it to your friends or clients! You don't need a computer, and you can bypass Apple restrictions to test your app on any device, without Jailbreak or expensive developer account.

The App Studio features a full WYSIWYG editor, allowing to edit the objects by simple Drag'n'Drop, and using a properties inspector. You can also create an icon with the built in editor.


Of course this app is still in construction, but I worked on it for a month only (I didn't know about the hackathon before...) and now the core is done, the only work remaining is design improvements, and referencing all Ti objects/properties to make a full functional editor.

After the Hackathon, the following elements will be made Open Source: The two frameworks I used ("Nut" and "Stach", for data manipulation and design), the Color and Font Pickers, the custom transitions, and the data encryption algorythm I used.

About me : My name is Ivan, I'm an 18 years old French student in Chicago. I've been working with Titanium for three years, and I'm working on starting my own Apps Agency. I'm a interactive graphic designer and developer, Appcelerator Titan and Moustach addict.

If I win, I will sing my love to Appcelerator with my Ukulele. True Story.

Note: Box is available when exporting your JS files/.apst project to your computer, not shown on this demo, sorry...

Note 2: I'm way better in english when speaking to an audience than when talking to a camera. Just saying.

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