"By 2020 it will be for sure painless to create web and mobile apps" - someone from the past

Still it takes a lot of effort to make a custom app come to life. That’s what we want to change with App Designer. Similar to Quick Base „Low-Code-Platform“ we are building a „Low-Design-Effort-Platform“ which allows people with zero UI/UX knowledge create stunning results in minutes. And if needed the result is still customizable to every pixel. With app designer people can test the market with their digital products early and with only small fees involved. Data comes from quick base and its pipelines / integrations. The created app is then used to make interaction with data more customizable.

  • Save costs on design and programming
  • One button click to deploy to the app stores and on the web
  • Extreme customization: Whatever you need... If APP DESIGNER doesn't deliver, we have developers who gladly help with the realization of your ideas.
  • Good UX out of the box
  • Create branded front-end apps for you Quick Base Apps in minutes


A lot of work on web and mobile frontend apps and feeling the need for a tool like this. We want to empower designers and people without knowledge in programming or design to create a beautiful piece of software. Easy.

What it does

It translates your design ideas into working code. Backed by QuickBase data handling options (Pipelines to integrate external data,

How we built it

With lot of time (not enough)

Challenges that we ran into

Finding the correct XML and JSON endpoints. Making it all work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a lot happen in this short time frame. We even have a native mobile app preview which unfortunately could not be shown in video. It updates automatically from the editor so when you make a change in the editor, people around the world can preview your changes on the device instantly.

What we learned

Limiting possibilities is tricky! We knew it, but still ...

What's next for APP DESIGNER

  • make creation of apps even easier
  • better results and theming
  • create tables and fields directly from within APP DESIGNER
  • more modules
  • improve usability of our Advanced Editor
  • pain-free auto-submission to the app stores for created apps
  • integrating web hooks to update data in created apps (list or trigger actions) and send push notifications
  • auto creation of an app layout from Quick Base tables that user can easily modify
  • generate native mobile app code (proof of concept works already)
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