App Analytica

App analytica is a platform for better understanding your users. The platform provides sentiment analysis, geolocation and other information extraction powered by the Api based on the reviews written by users.

The Ratio of good detailed reviews to the short undetailed is like 10: 90. But those good reviews can help us find the problem that as a developer of an app can not see. Then, there are some people which will give you new feature requests.

What it does

A better way to review your user's response.

How we built it

There are three things that are working on this application.

  1. Google app store reviews extraction - done by

  2. Sentiment analysis, geolocation, entities - which are done by the library

  3. The Tech stack - node, express, react, chakra ui.

Experience with the dev docs and hackathon

The docs on is very great. Simple, the api feature viewer is awesome- I have picked up all my ideas from there. Also, the addition of postman collection is a simple and precise addition that help beginner developers like me.

The api works great. The geolocation api has to be worked on. It's the first hackathon that i didn't have to go to the discord servers of organiser to ask for help. So, you guys have done a great job with the documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Scalable app

Made in short time

Good UI

What we learned

Chakra UI

It's my first time that i am using both.

What's next for App Analytico

Spam detection. I think people should work on a spam or not spam nlp detector as well. It seems reasonable since it solves a lot of business problems. Also, spam detectors on NLP are very important now that we are having trolling. Also Bot attacks.

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