The company wants to provide their pharmacies with a complete mobile app in order to promote their events, promos, info and directions

How it works

Each pharmacy owner has a user and a password. With those credentials, an admin can login into a web control panel in order to manage all the information of his own pharmacy. The user of the app, will be localized in a map and will see all the pharmacies around him over the map or in a table sorted by distance. Then, selecting one of the company's pharmacy, he can enjoy the promos, events, gallery, and relevant information...Event make appointments with the pharmacy on each of their services.

Challenges I ran into

Coordinate both iOS and Android apps. Cross development. Multiple (and big) changes in the requirements.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In short time we finished a complete platform (iOS, android and web control panel with DDBB) working perfectly and with a great design.

What's next for Apotex Mobile Platform

Online shoping, localized ads and promos, improve the user profile...

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