A. Background United States Vice President Joe Biden authored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to fight against the high rates of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking experienced by women.  Responding to the challenge initiated by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Office of the Vice President (OVP) and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Apollo Portal of Apps attempt to fight against the abuse anytime anywhere with mobile and cloud computing technology. It offers six easy-to-use applications that provide a targeted way for young women to designate trusted friends, allies, or emergency contacts and provide a means for checking-in with these individuals in real-time (via Friend&Me), particularly in at-risk situations (via Hotline). It also provides quick access (via hotline and live chat with federal agents) to resources and information on sexual assault and teen dating violence, as well as where to go for help (via SelfHelp&Chat). B. Values of ApolloPortal Friend&Me – checks-in where you are in real-time for trusted circles; locates others’ whereabout at a given time; gets direction and map to others.  Hotline – enables one-touch call for help in at-risk situations, e.g., one touch to call national against-abuse hotlines.  SelfHelp&Chat – displays and speaks words of wisdom and allows live chat with federal hotline agents.  Update – sends update to facebook or a private social network about location or status.  GetCare – asks for help anonymously and asynchronously from a dedicated social network.  GiveCare – responds to the requests for help from the dedicated social network.  C. Technology innovations of ApolloPortal GPS and location based service (LBS) – enables real-time location check-ins in Friend&Me;  Web service and RESTful SOA – enables communications from mobile to Web and cloud database;  Secure Cloud computing – SaaS and PaaS (software/platform as a service) for mobile Live Chat in SelfHelp&Chat;  Private Cloud storage – database stores persistent location data in Friend&Me; Enterprise Social Media – dedicated mobile social networking in Update and GetCare;  Public social media – facebook integration in Update;  Mobile security with Android devices in Live Chat; Text to speech (TTS) – speak words of self help in SelfHelp; Voice recording – audio record keeping in GiveCare; Customized Google map – get real-time map and direction to others in Friend&Me. 

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