We were inspired by Children's Health's mission to create educational applications and programs to make life better for children.

What it does

Our platform teaches children how to maintain and manage their health through fun and interactive games. It also creates a fun and engaging community with other children that have the same health conditions and concerns.

How we built it

To build our platform, we used java on android studio along with a couple of other software and technologies such as photoshop and Figma to create our prototypes.

Challenges we ran into

*Having to teach the teammates how to use android studio and program in java language *Finding fun and engaging features *Finding common ground to cover multiple prompts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the overall design and implementation of our games. Also, we take pride in the message that our platform delivers such as helping and providing solutions for the community.

What we learned

We acquired new programming skills and developed new design strategies. This challenge also taught us how to be more agile, and function better within a team environment

What's next for Enigma

Take what we learned during this event and apply it to our academic and professional projects. Look for new challenges to acquire skills and knowledge.

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