The Apollo Project

(C) 2013 - 2014 Primis Computers (Nick Sargente et al)


This is a kernel project for x86 Hardware. Current compilation needs:

  • GNU Make (Or Compatible)
  • NASM, The Netwide Assembler
  • GCC

The kernel is written in X86-Assembly and ANSI-C. We are currently working on making it as portable as possible.

This software is licensed under the MIT License. (see License)

Supported Architectures:

Currently, only IBM-PC Compatible 486+ PC's are targeted, however this will change with time.

Notable Features to Consider:

This kernel is in development, and is therefore subject to major changes. The API is in a state of flux. If developing applications, stick to functions from the standard c library. All others may be depreciated / removed without notice.


This kernel descends from several failed kernel projects;

  • ScorchOS; by Bob Moss and Nicholas Sargente. Circa 2010
  • Mercury/SaturnOS; by Brandon Cornell and Nicholas Sargente. Circa 2012
  • Apollo Kernel Project; Circa 2009-2011. Nicholas Sargente.

This kernel takes base code from Bkerndev and James Molloy's Tutorials:

Greets to the OSDev Community at

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