Winning and the desire to create an App that would allow a publisher to share links one-on-one and also easily share on social media sites.

What it does

The APN Link Share Android App was created initially for in person contact. The app works great for both UFO publishers and non UFO publishers. Publishers meet potential customers everyday and with the APN Link Share Android App they can search for products and view product details together. The app uses the APN Category API along with the Product and Product Detail APIs. If the customer is interested the Publisher can click the share icon and share the product detail URL via email, SMS, Bluetooth, Android Beam, or social media.

The APN Link Share Android App also allows publishers to invite other publishers to join the affiliate publisher network. As you meet with potential publishers, review details about publishing links and how much money can be earned. If the person is interested in becoming a publisher, click the "Click to Send Invitation" link and share the registration URL via the same methods, email, SMS, Bluetooth, or Android beam. When the link is clicked, the publisher is taken to the registration page, and the inviting publisher's publisher ID is in the referral publisher ID box so that the new publisher is associated with the inviting publisher.

How I built it

I built the App using Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Java is not my main programming language so I had some challenges getting some things to work exactly the way I wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I was able to create a functional App that shows what I envisioned.

What I learned

That Hackathons are fun but they can also make you a little anxious.

What's next for APN Link Share

I would like to make additional updates to he App and make it available for other publishers to use.

Built With

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