I have documented API of my add-ons on Later I wanted this document to be next to the other documents like user manual and release notes which were on the Confluence. Since there is no such a plugin, I have decided to implement one.

What it does is a service that allows you to share your API with others. In addition to that it allows you to test API directly from the browser. This add-on allows embedding API documents hosted on in any confluence page.

How we built it

Using Atlassian Connect. I have used a cloud Confluence server to test and I'm using Aerobatic to host it.

Challenges we ran into

An Atlassian Connect bug that prevents preview to fail took a lot of time to debug.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • My first confluence add-on

What we learned

  • Aerobatics (I liked it)
  • Developing Confluence Connect add-ons

What's next for Apiary Confluence Integration

Add theme suppot.

Built With

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