I am aspiring data scientist and a student pursuing a computer major at University of California (SC) While I am conversant with Django and other UI frameworks, I wanted to focus on the data science aspects of the hackathon and not get weighed* down by the UI aspects (e.g. react).  Hence, I focused on using the Here Dev REST API (as a primary data source) and then build my own python app. The advantage of using Python (as opposed to say Java) is the rich set of AI/ML/NLP libraries available.

My App Goal: Using AI/ML/NLP find business with certain user-defined characteristics.

There are plethora of apps that show standard information about businesses but very few that can process normal human questions and provide meaningful information. The app uses AI/ML/NLP and the HERE DEV REST API as data source.

The ability to process normal human queries is especially useful when one is busy (e.g. driving) or those who are less computer savvy.

Unlike a lot of examples on the Here Dev site that are front-end oriented and use some UI stack(react/flask/ect), I have focused on using the Dev Here REST API for data source and providing value add building my own logic for AI/ML/NLP. This is very useful for data science folks such as me.

Built With

  • geocoders
  • here-rest
  • pysimplegui
  • python
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