With the current crisis companies and organisations have realised the need to meet their clients digitally and fast.

What it does:

Enable companies and organisations to retrieve vital information and bring it to their clients, digitally in no time.

Our solution builds APIs containing multi source legacy data, in a matter of minutes. Thereby we empower companies and organisations to meet the clients with relevant information and support them in a myriad of use-cases. Here-amongst dynamic optimisation of virus test facilities, where to find face-masks or apply for a micro-loan in a matter of minutes. All to keep the end-users supported with their daily life and health as well as empowering companies to stay in dynamically change their business models.

How I built it

We actually did not build it, we generated the solution and deployed it automatically. Using OpenLegacy IDE (Web and Eclipse based) we generated the APIs, which can be deployed on any Cloud platform via generated scripts.

Challenges I ran into

Narrowing down the best use-cases for the challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The flexibility of the product to cover so many use-cases

What I learned

Working virtually with a diverse group of people has many benefits and keeps us working focuses and determined.

What's next for API.NOW.

Continue working on the project in order to scale it to fit the aftermath of the crisis.

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