wanted to make a website and try new things i have never worked with before. Table 26

What it does

It allows you to have a website that is connected to you spotify account. it can play music and it will allow you to send emails through sparkpost when you like a piece of music

How I built it

i used namecheap to set up my domain. i made an account using the domain. i used spotify api and sparkpost api to get most of it done.

Challenges I ran into

Everything since I hadn't worked with any of the stuff I worked with and i was working alone. The hardest part i think is figuring out what certain things do and trying to tailor something towards what you want to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a website that has apps and other widgets.I really jumped into this hackathon with the intention of making something with something i had never worked with and i accomplished just that and for that im proud of myself.

What I learned

A lot of useful web developing tools

What's next for API experiment

Develop it into a real and functional website with more integrated parts.

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