APIs are awesome for web development - except when they do not work. We wanted to build a system that tackles this problem by providing real-time data about the APIs that matter to you.

What it does

API Doctor allows you to register any API for continuous inspection. It will regularly check the endpoint for faults, register any errors that occur, provide a graphical representation of faults and their times, and even provide an SMS service for getting uptime and last fault information.

How I built it

The back-end is build with PHP powered with Slim and NotORM. The front-end is built with json.

Challenges I ran into

Our team had two major challenges: setting up a reliable way of continuingly pinging the APIs, and incorporating the raw data analysis into a graphical format. The former challenge was done by setting up a cronjob on a Linux system that would operate on the back-end. The latter challenge was met with a lightweight front-end library for drawing timelines based on a given set of data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Dom, the back-end guy, is proud of possibly being part of breaking the provided API. Marius, the front-end guy, is proud of having something that is working.

What I learned

DJ learned how to better incorporate variables into templates and how to work with Linux cronjobs. MV

What's next for API Doctor

Up next: email notifications, more detailed graphs and better, more accurate analysis.

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