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I've wanted to build a personal dashboard for quite some time and then this challenge came up and thought it would be a great forcing function to actual build something.

You can see the history of the whole project on Github: https://github.com/chocolit/dashboard

I am pulling data down from the JawboneUP API and Withings API and updating my models/resources through rake tasks running hourly on Heroku. I didn't have time to incorporate Pusher for real-time in browser updates but I will be doing that at some time.

Not only is this a dashboard being feed new data hourly but I made all my personal data available through a backend API within the same application (authentication done through an access_token)

You may use this temporary access token to access data 144e6a3f5cdaa27ff551a1270b1e8584.


Here is the personal data available through the dashboard:

  • My mood range from 1 to 8 (8 being Pumped!)

  • My sleep quality, light sleep, deep sleep

  • My steps today and for the past week

  • My calories burned today and for the past week

  • My heart rate

  • My weight today and for the past week

Each widget on the dashboard is pretty modular with a dedicated resource available through the API. They are also somewhat interactive as you can click and drag the widgets around to rearrange them (this is done through Gridster.JS).

You can read more about my inspiration for this here: http://blog.chocol.it/2013/06/08/personal-api/

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