How much time does it take to recharge/ top-up your mobile? Let’s say, 5 minutes. This seems like a short time but, imagine spending 5 minutes while you are busy at work or during a vacation. Many a times, your family members might ask you to recharge their mobile phones, especially those who are not very comfortable using gadgets. Amidst your busy schedule, there are high chances of you forgetting and they might end up in trouble.

The FamBillBot in action

[FamBillBot in action

Overall architecture

FamBillBot architecture

What it does

To help you relax and relieve you from this tedious job, we bring you the FamBillBot. Just give the mobile number, mobile operator & the amount and the bot does the recharge for you in seconds. Your family members can do the recharge for themselves and you will get notified about the transaction.

How we built it

We built this using Amazon Lex, Lambda, Simple Queue Service(SQS) and API Gateway. We have also used Twitter banking API and a mobile application.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we did face challenges with respect to the usage of various Amazon Web Services. But the documentation helped us understand them better and utilize the services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having developed a chat bot which could save user's time during frequent activities like mobile recharge, bill payments, etc. Understanding new technologies (Python, AWS) in a short time.

What we learned

New technologies - slack, AWS, and terms, project planning, product presentation

What's next for FamBillBot

The future of FamBillBot is to help users manage the payment of all household bills (gas, broadband, Telephone, DTH, & etc) via different payment options like Internet banking,Paytm, etc.

How we planned & executed

FamBillBot planning

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