We first started and discussed the idea after an ocean cleanup story. It gained momentum following the recent fires in Australia and the current situation with COVID-19.

What is the problem

The COVID-19 crisis has created supply shortages for items such as essential , life-saving personal protective equipment(PPE) for doctors and medical professionals in certain hard hit areas such as New York City . These dangerous supply chain disruptions for time-critical medical equipment can strike anywhere at any time , and require urgent , localized solutions tailored to the specific needs of hospitals , nursing homes, and care facilities .

What it does

The Aphrodite network is a charity network that uses safe , decentralized blockchain technology which allows individuals or companies to donate money , offer medical supplies , or volunteer their time to help in the urgent care of persons affected by the COVID-19 . As soon as a supply disruption has been identified by an integrated local health organization and posted on the platform , patrons and participating corporations will instantly have an opportunity to make a donation and provide helpful real-time assistance meeting a specific need.

What's next for Aphrodite Network - Interplanetary Philanthropy

Make use cases for future scenarios.

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