Project won 1st place at Teen Hacks:

We were inspired by the creative freedoms of games like Besige and Kerbal Space Program, and wanted to combine the best features of the two. We wanted to help users with an interest in physics learn how it works in a simple way. Aphellion brings the enjoyment of video games to Newtonian Physics in space in a very simple environment that even children can understand. Games such as Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers are very complex and non casual games. They maybe overwhelming and confusing at times. Aphellion takes the Newton physics concepts from those games and brings ease of use and understanding to the board. As a result, it is much more enjoyable for the user and allows them to be educated at a higher level of efficiency. Even better, the game focuses much more on your designs than the great distances and times it takes for them to traverse space, making the game a much more bite-sized and repayable experience for those who want to dive right in. Aphellion can suit all audiences, from physics enthusiasts, to casual gamers, to student.

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