We noticed that our files while studying and our bookmarks were very cluttered. We wanted a way to automate the work of organizing files.

What it does

Our application offers a secure way of decluttering your file system, and keeping it organized after an initial set up. We allow the user to create rules that file their documents, or simply let our application learn the user's personalized filing system by providing it with a few example files that go in each folder. From there, our application will monitor folders specified by the user, such as the Downloads folder, and organize any new file downloaded into one of the specified folders.

How we built it

We started coding and didn't stop.

Challenges we ran into

The model is extremely compute intensive, making it extremely difficult to design in a way that allows us to keep the user's data secure since we did not want to send the user's private documents into the cloud. This forced us to come up with a simplified model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of developing such a complex desktop and chrome extention application with day to day practicality. We didn't build a product for the hackathon, but something all of us would use if it worked.

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