I have an advertising background. I have created virtual experiences in the past. Something which I was missing in Snapchat in the past was to develop realistic 360 interactive experiences. Thanks to Snapchat team for continuously providing innovative assets and components. These new assets are the driving force for me to create this interactive 360 experience involving audio and videos.

What it does

As mentioned, Apex 360 is an immersive panoramic lens, that allows users to move their phone all around in order to explore the interior of the car virtually and interact with the hotspots to find the details.

The gyroscope feature enhances the lens capabilities to make sure that users can experience smooth and flawless experiences.

The lens has provided several image and video hotspots to find out information about different features in audio and video form.

How we built it

I have used the following key assets and features: Safe Play Video Java Scripting Body Segmentation Gyroscope Audio And Video Content Hotspots Behavior based interactivity

Challenges we ran into

I wanted to use the remote video assets. But as the video assets are used in the form of Prefabs, but right now there is a known issue with prefabs in remote assets, which the Snapchat team is working on. But in the future, I will use remote video assets in order to create a more rich experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am sure this type of lens can be easily sold to advertisers in the Auto industry. Moreover, I have a plan to adopt this one in some other industries as well. I am proud that still I am able to create industry-standard immersive 360 experiences.

What we learned

During the development, learned so many techniques which I was not aware of. I am very happy to find the amazing assets library from the Snapchat.

What's next for Apex 360 - A Rich media, Panoramic 360 Interactive Lens

Will use this for creating similar 360 experiences along with some variations. Maybe I will add some gamification features and also can create some TryOn for the fashion industry as well.

Built With

  • gyroscopefeature
  • javascripting
  • lensstudio
  • safeplayvideo
  • snapml
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