The Dartmouth Outing Club is an essential part of the Dartmouth community, organizing trips weekly for different types of activities and people. However, the way these trips are organized is very inefficient and not conductive to new members. Different groups have different methods of conducting their trips, some using massive email chains while others have google spreadsheets. Apex is inspired by the DOC to make trip organization seamless and easy for anyone to sign up.

What it does

Uses can sign up with only their email and password. After registering, users are directly towards upcoming trips. Clicking on a trip brings you to a more detailed view of the trip including description, group sizes, location, and many beautiful images. If interested a user can choose to join a trip. There is also a separate tab to view all of the trips you have signed up for.

How we built it

Apex is built using Firebase, a Google platform as a service technology that provides an on the fly NoSQL database, perfect for prototyping and iOS.

Challenges we ran into

Git and storyboard really do not work well together. There were tons of merge conflicts in general with iOS however storyboard conflicts were the most common by far and difficult to fix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The group as a whole worked really well together. This hackday was definitely a bonding experience. Yining and I were the two developers with no IOS experience but with the help of Armin and Patrick, they were able to help ramp us up really fast and allow us to be productive from the very beginning.

The team dynamic was really effective and as teammates we were always ready to help each other. We also had a really effective workflow and avoided overlapping work as much as possible

Ultimately however we are most proud of being able to produce a working iOS app in less than a day with beautiful images, a great UI, and a working backend!

What we learned

We learned a lot about Git workflow. Being able to use Git properly was a big part of our team’s success and ability to work together but not butt heads. We also picked up a lot of new iOS skills as well as had experience diving deep into Firebase and learning its various features and functionality.

What's next for Apex

Messaging client to send messages to all members in a group Calendar integration through calendar events Payment integration with Venmo API Event subscription: being able to subscribe for event updates from a specific location, group, or event type

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