APES (Alcohol Prevention Electronic System) is a web app that will be the tool for disseminating positive peer messages regarding high-risk drinking. Students will be exposed to positive peer messages from the entire student body, not just from the limited number of students that they personally know. Positive peer messages will lead to greater awareness and acceptance of solutions to high-risk drinking. While wanting to conform to peer standards, it is anticipated that more and more students will become aware of the problem of high-risk drinking and accept solutions to reduce and ultimately stop it. Through messages, events, message boards and lists of resources, students, parents, friends, administration, local community and law enforcement all have a stake in APES' success on campus. The app will give the administration an active role in establishing and supporting positive messages about alcohol use through campus events. The local community can sponsor events and/or offer incentives to students who do not engage in high-risk drinking. Parents, and to a greater degree friends, can influence students to use APES and refrain from high-risk drinking. Law enforcement can encourage the use of APES and send the message that real consequences await students who do engage in high-risk drinking.

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