A desire to offer a simple and effective method to study for the AP Computer Science exam was the principle driving force behind the creation of this app. Often students are forced to solely use books to study, and while books are a powerful learning tool they often require larger investments of time, not allow for quick reviews at any given time while on the go.

What it does

 Allows students to review for the AP Computer Science exam which heavily involves the Java programming language, and logical concepts used in all programming languages.

How we built it

 The app was built using MIT App Inventor 2  and Firebase was used as the database.

Challenges we ran into

 Throughout the entire project we found a variety bugs and design problems. From issues with the database, components not centering correctly, superfluous lines of code, to having  our application be too large. Yet, we overcame those hurtles to finish and deliver a high quality application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 Being able to fix all the bugs within the application was a great achievement for us, however above all else is the incorporation of a flexible and powerful database.

What we learned

 The ability to collaborate as a team, assign areas of responsibility, and compromise for the sake of the application are by far the most valuable skills learned through this project.

What's next for APComputerScienceA

 We plan on making the app available to more people who have an interest in computer science. With this increased user base we plan to add more features, more questions, and greater question variety. We may even expand the application into other subjects.

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posted an update

Once we attempted to submitting the app, we discovered that its file size was too large. Leading to us deleting the least essential components of the app, such as: the login screen, signup screen, about us page, and share button. After cutting these nonessential functions, the app met the size requirement for the competition.

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