What it does

  • Allows users to add reviews for apartments
  • Users can add new prices for apartments
  • Allows users to browse and compare apartments prices
  • It gives users a more accurate picture of an apartment
  • Users can send or receive tips for sharing their reviews
  • It provides additional information for potential tenants to make a more informed decision before signing a lease.
  • Apartments are represented as NFTs
  • Easily collect accurate information that is available to the public using blockchain technology

How we built it

We use:

  • IPFS NFTStorage: stores NFT's image, name, location, prices,reviews and metadata. The way it works is whenever the user is registering a project the information get pass to NFTStorage IPFS then the NFTStorage generates a hash called CID that is stored on the smart contract. The CID will be used to retrieve the NFT's data

  • AVAX Network: the network I deployed the app.

  • Covalent API for a quick way to fetch and retrieve NFTs and contract transaction history in a sealess way.

  • NFTPort for multi-chain NFT minting, and data transparency such as distributing rewards and minting the NFT.

  • Solidity: Solidity was used for the smart contract together with OpenZeppelin ERC721 for faster development of the smart contract

  • Chainlink Oracle to compare apartment prices with Chainlink prices.

  • Hardhat: for local blockchain development

  • Frontend: React Js for the frontend, Material-UI, and Web3 to connect to the blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

We learned to work with IPFS NFTStorage and hardhat

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the final MVP

What we learned

We learned to work with IPFS NFTStorage and hardhat

What's next for Apartment Reviewer

Post updates Upon registration, get your own token for an apartment

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