I am sophomore engineering student. Next semester, I want to move out to live in an apartment. I spent whole day to research on the potential apartments that I was interested in. And I cannot look up without computer, because most of them were website based. So I was wondering if there is an App that helps people find most suitable apartment, and can help detect routes how to access to apartment. That will make life much easier. And then, many of my friends underwent same problem. They were seeking for their roommates for a month. It is hard to find a good roommate who shares same interest with you and be tidy, or everything that matches your preference. Therefore, I come up with ApartMatch idea. Our target users right now are students in university. ApartMatch helps people search for local apartments. The information post on app is objective, which is detected by our third party. Therefore, it is true information. In addition, we have functions that help roommate match. Based on the personal information the users provide and their preference of roommates, they will be matched to someone who shares most of the interest with them, and they can get contact information of each other. We also have special reviews, that are filtered by time or grades, so it can help avoid from renters who make them fake and higher up the total grades.

Prototypes: https://platform.telerik.com/prototyping/acfaf3b0-a8fc-11e4-90f7-bba3ea8fc2b1/public/#/screen/d5abab60-a8fc-11e4-8358-ff55480b82a4

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