In March 2019, 70% of people were left without electricity for over 5 days, resulting in + 17 deaths. These Apagones, or power outages, are leaving the Venezuelan population lost and powerless.

What it does

Use available data to document the impact of the lack of electricity on the human rights situation in Venezuela

How I built it

Blackout info→ Twitter Data + Google trends data + User-provided incidents How people are affected→ Geos for +230 Hospitals and +12.000 points of interest Sources: Google trends + Public Ministry Data + Electoral Precinct Data Be Able to show geographical locations on a map Giving the user power via information by clustering and displaying data. Allow easy user interaction with minimal input and anonymity Storing Apagones(power outage, water, etc) with geolocation data Storing Lugares( landmarks like Hospitals, Schools, etc) with geolocation data Providing the incidents cross-referenced with important landmarks


Data: R, Python Backend: Node, Express, MongoDB Frontend: React Redux APIs: GMaps, GPlaces, GTrends

What's next for Apagon

A full list of the hospitals, ambulatorios, and centros de atencion within a 10 kilometer distance that links to the either the hospital website or the Google Maps location Location drop downs to reduce manual entry and noise Detailed information about each marker visualized: source, type, timestamp, etc SMS Platform to gather information ( WhatsApp Chatbot ? ) Visualization of outages at various location levels: Estado > Ciudad > Municipalidad > Parroquia

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