We were inspired to make this project because we noticed many students at our school struggling and stressing out over AP Tests, so we decided to make an app that would help them.

What it does

It provides easy access to study guides, as well as some equation solvers

How we built it

The app was programmed from scratch on Android Studio, and whatever we didn't know we searched for quick tutorials or documentations online.

Challenges we ran into

There was a lot of difficulty in creating fragments under a main activity that could also accomplish functions, and dropdown menus just never seemed to work when they were needed.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were proud of managing to get the force addition program added to to the app, which is our first solver.

What we learned

We learned how to make apps in Android Studio, as we all came into this hackathon with almost no experience in making our own apps from scratch.

What's next for AP Study Helper

Later on, we hope to make the User Interface more easily navigable, add more solvers, and also provide a step-by-step explanation on the solvers.

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