My brother inspired me to do this because he was having questions on which classes transferred to what University classes. We also had a problem with the AP classes we were taking and what they would be equivalent to when we transferred since we did not want to take additional classes that wouldn't be a part of our degree.

This uses a blockchain to add blocks of all the AP classes and their equivalent University classes and how many credits its worth. Each university will have a blockchain with their equivalencies.

We used a open source blockchain sources to help build the encryption and blocks of the blockchain as well as get the server up and running.

We had problems with the Gorilla mux library and getting it to run with our project.

This is our first time attempting to create a blockchain and it was very rewarding seeing the blocks being added and creating the chain.

We learned the security aspects behind blockchains and how to connect to a web server to display your blocks.

Our future plans include creating a more student friendly web browser with some additional enhancements so thereis a single place for students to visit for everything regarding their AP classes transfer.

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