Ever been at a party and wanted to karaoke but didn't have access to a karaoke machine? Or is someone singing the WORST karaoke song or just doing an awful job/butchering your favorite song!? Enter aoke, a new way to karaoke anywhere!

How it works

Search for the songs you'd like to sing and create a playlist of all of them. Create a room for your friends to join and send them the invite. They can add more songs if they would like. Then, start singing. If the current singer is doing an awful song, you can down vote them. Enough down votes and the next song will start. You can also upvote singers or songs you enjoy!

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to incorporate real time streaming into our app but ran into a lot of challenges. The YouTube API was also tough to work with at times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really excited that this is an app we can actually use and enjoy. It makes it easy to karaoke anywhere and has an easy way for multiple people to add songs that they want to sing.

What I learned

We learned a ton about Firebase, the YoutTube API, and also honed our Angular skills. We figured out how to allow different people to enter a karaoke "room" at once and synchronize their user input (in this case, up votes, down votes, and songs they add) so that everyone has the same user experience.

What's next for aoki

We still plan to incorporate OpenTok to allow remote users to karaoke with their friends and stream their video along with the other users' video. We also want to improve the user experience and add features like reordering songs, removing songs, keeping track of favorite performances, and more!

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