Our inspiration was multidisciplinary memory retention. They proved by the EEG and fMRI studies, that the brain is able to hold more information/knowledge if it is given the ability of imagining new ways to solve the challenges of built. So we came up with AOFEZAPP which allows students to have fun while retaining useful information.

We are an extensive mobile platform app which allows user configuration and implementation of a school based subjects. This allows personal involvement and students to retain information for a longer term. So, why not give it a try?

With the help of MIT app inventor we were able to create a game with a similar concept to "Get the Gold". Our own twist added into this app were the questions that pop up when the player comes across a teacher. We mainly used the TinyDB1 to store the information for our questions.

Challenges we ran into

Since the start of the User Interface we had issues displaying the splash screen when the game initially started. Tackling the infrastructure of how colliding with teachers would prompt questions based on core subjects. We allowed for reoccurring issues that were initially because of 'bad code' and was fixed after testing multiple devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the AOFEZAPP splash screen allowed for the game code to cooperate with the question prompts and point scoring. We are also proud of the fact that the app allows for data retention, making memory skills stronger. directly affecting students in a positive way.

What we learned

Building a prototype is crucial. Creating the mock-up screens (including artwork and icons) allowed us to take advantage of the ability to build a free online demo to help others visualize the end product. The mock-up of what our mobile app would look like gave the ability to help our cause. We paired those mock-ups with talking points about the app’s value for dozens of presentations with both the leadership and other teams and classmates.

Understanding the time requirement. It’s critical to have an accurate understanding of what’s required in maintaining an app. Many thought that updating information for the app would be too time intensive; however, We ran our own time tests and found it would only take us one hour per week to update and add new information to the app's code.

We also learned people would anticipate questions. We cannot underestimate the importance of being able to anticipate roadblocks. Be prepared with answers to questions such as: What kind of staffing is needed to support the app? How much will it cost to build? How much will it cost if we don’t build the app? What do you know about the technology provider? How secure is the app? Who is the target user? Which features will be used? Who owns the information? How will this impact end users? How will we know it is a success? Students love personal interactions with an app as it directly coordinates its environment

What's next for AOFEZAPP

Revolving around our mission statement ?"To allow students to have fun and increase their grades while having fun using the app", we see a crucial need for our application. Learning via obstacle based question challenges the brain allowing student to retain information. We also expect to use content strategy referring to the management of useful, usable content for media. This begins with the planning stages, moving on to the actual development, before heading off to governance. Furthermore, we will anticipate a stable operational android application leading up to the first phases of IOS and the initial ipa creation. We also hope to aim for the international market branching of to more educational institutions by adapting to specific institutions.

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