As a 20-something cityslicker, we would want to do the most in each city we visit, within a short amount of time, make great encounters, yet accomplish all this on a reasonable budget.

What it does

Encourages/enables users to enjoy quality hotels at a fraction of the price by identifying like-minded users to share adventures together. We also focus on post-arrival solutions like city exploring, mobile payments and building memories, after all, the people make the city.

How we built it

Our team consisted of a php developer who laravel to build the application but at the last hour we switched to ruby. We then managed to call some apis to pull some real-time hotel information. We are currently halfway through a reactive frontend. We might have spent too much time trying to get the api calls that we couldn't spend time on out core functions.

Challenges we ran into

Collaboration/compromising between different programming languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ideation and teamwork, having met amazing people. We are super grateful for the generous sponsors and the energetic sabre team for hosting and interacting with us.

What we learned

That we definitely needed a dev guy to feel confident and proud of our work

What's next for Anywhere

Build the platform! Validate. Hustle hustle!

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