Our inspiration for this idea stems from our passion for utilizing technology to develop solutions to remove barriers for healthcare businesses as well as expanding healthcare services to populations that are underserved. We wanted to provide more options for doctors in how they run their practice and how patients receive their care.

What it does

It cuts the overhead cost of running a traditional private healthcare practice, gives doctors and patients more flexibility, as well as provides jobs, and expand healthcare to underserved populations. Anytime Health removes the need for a physical building and administrative employees. Anytime Healthcare allows doctors to work 100% remotely by doing appointments virtually and relying on door dash-like Medical Assistant Drivers (MAD) to arrive at patient’s home’s to perform the tests that the doctor would not be able to perform virtually. Both the providers and patients get to enjoy the flexibility of picking a time slot without being restricted to the traditional 9-5.

How we built it

In order to serve the web interface/client, we have a backend layer which is going to act as an orchestration layer and help us to integrate and utilize the NCR supplied APIs to bring in end-to-end consumer/customer experience. It helps us to perform the following activities:

1.Onboarding new doctors/medical practitioners.

  1. Creating user accounts for people who want to use this platform for online medical services.
  2. Medical service request management and delivering PPE kits to the customers/patients. We want to make this an interactive platform between consumers and single medical practitioners. Tech stacks used are : Springboot Docker Java Microservices Postgres DataBase What has been done : We have implemented an end-to-end interface of how the admin is taking the input of doctors details

Challenges we ran into

Limited time, Learning new technologies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a minimum viable end to end product. We received a lot of positive feedback for our idea.

What we learned

AWS Services, NCR APIs, Material UI, Springboot

What's next for Anytime Healthcare

Moving forward, we hope to implement more features including an implementation for the patient portal, a medical assistant driver (MAD) portal implementation, an Uber-like GPS System to help MADs find patients, as well as a transaction system.

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