Since our team consists of international students in Taiwan taking online classes, timezone conversions for classes or meetings are inevitable. However, we realized that there isn't a straightforward, user-friendly method to easily convert time. Plus, adding the converted time to an online calendar is an extra step for the user, so we incorporated that into our project.

What it does

AnyTime is a simple and easy-to-use time converter Chrome extension that allow user to easily convert time and seamlessly add to their calendar.

Convert. AnyTime.

How we built it

We first conducted user-research through online survey to validate the demand. Our target audience focuses around age group 18-25 (specifically international students/students taking online classes). Afterwards, we synthesized our results (30+ responses) and began creating the user-flow and wireframes. As the team programmer, Ian, began to develop and implement the design, the other two, Guo and Guan, created the visual identity, illustrations, and refined the wireframes. In the end, we collaborated to finalize the project visually and functionally.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with the idea, creating a crystal-clear user-flow, and developing an appropriate visual identity were challenges that we faced when developing this Chrome extension.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a functional product from end-to-end as a team!

What we learned

Setting deadlines, task allocation, and constant communication are crucial for consistent team progress!

What's next for AnyTime

  1. Usability testing to refine the product and understand more about the potential users
  2. Add more functionalities (fact sheet, share converted times, etc.)
  3. Launch the product

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