All of us were affected by the pandemic. Some, more than others. Certain industries were heavily affected and were forced to let people go. Businesses were forced to shut down to comply with government regulations and to prevent the further spread of the virus.

The massive unemployment led to great uncertainty, especially for unskilled individuals. With a limited amount to spend on learning new skills, and a plethora of resources available online. Individuals with limited income and time to spend on upgrading themselves are at a disadvantage.

What it does

Anyskill Platform connects three groups of people. Users - individuals that have recently been laid off and are looking for new opportunities in the job market. Companies - companies who are willing to give a chance to individuals who are willing to develop new skills. Tutors- individuals or part of an institution who are willing to share contents to help other individuals to achieve the skills that are relevant to the current industry.

How we built it

We made use of the following ; Quickbase - Made use of Pipelines and API to automate multiple tasks. Slack - Channel for job seekers Google Forms and Sheets - For first time use to apply for any of the 3 categories mentioned above Automate.IO - to link Google form and Quickbase's table

Challenges we ran into

There were lots of limitations initially, in terms of the usage with Quickbase with other 3rd party platforms, but with much perseverance, we managed to pull it through and managed to tweak our platform but still be able to achieve the overall solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud that we could build an application that can be readily deployed and allow users to use them. We managed to use many other 3rd party platforms such as Google Forms and Slack channels to enhance the platform even more!

What we learned

We have learnt that usage of Quickbase. We even understood how everyday solutions like ours can be implemented efficiently that can potentially benefit people. No code-Low code platforms like QuickBase will allow people from any background to seamlessly build a complex application.

What's next for Anyskill

3 things that we would like to work on :

1) We would carry on a develop a fully functional web application that will allow the different individuals from all walks of life to use it. We would use our web application to focus on regionally. As we are based in Singapore, we can target the South East Asian market easily as it's within our reach. We will work with local institutions and companies before branching out.

2) As of now there is no current plan of monetizing it as we are more focused on getting people to use the application for their own benefit. But when we can gain more audience, the monetizing part can be easily implemented. One of them can be educational or job promotional ads.

3) Furthermore we would like to add the following features in the future to test an individual's learning : Get our certified courses, and have codility tests, certified by anyskill (tech)

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